Renovation Design in Aberdeen.


Request your tailored NBS, CAWS and Tender Specification using our special request form (£55 per section, VAT included).

Please fill our special form including all necessary information and attach your detailed drawings with the form. This will help us to understand your requirements and deliver the best tailored product on your email address.

Our service starts when a request is submitted and paid for each section upfront (£55). We will inform you when the specification is completed. This is usually within three days, unless any changes are required, or if there’s any information missing.

With your specification, you will receive an invoice including all the sections that you requested. This will need to be paid within 7 days. We advise that you carefully check your ready NBS/CAWS/Tender and let us know if anything needs additional attention before the required payment date. If you need any help or have any additional queries, please contact us.

Renovation Design in Aberdeen

    NBS/CAWS Specification